How to check if your Mobile is Hacked!

By monitoring the IPs which your mobile phone is connected to, you know if your mobile is hacked or not ▶ you can use an application below to check all IPs connected to your mobile : ➖ Network Monitor Mini➖ Network Monitor ▶Don’t download programs from unknown sources, to avoid the impact of penetration inContinue reading “How to check if your Mobile is Hacked!”

Kingdom of Avid

Aviral Srivastava Declare Forrester Island Antarctica Which Is Not Owned By Any country even after Antarctica Treaty 1 Dec, 1959 It Is Independent From Any Other owner or administration. 74°11’10.9’S 132°25’48.5″WAs Our Own Kingdom And The Name Is Kingdom of Avid! Here Is The Satellite Image Here’s The Flag Of Our Kingdom If Anyone hasContinue reading “Kingdom of Avid”

Virus vs Antivirus

When most people think of the word “antivirus”, they think about that software you download on your computer to keep you from being hacked. While this is true, it is a simplistic definition. Keep reading to find out what antivirus is, how it works, and more What is AntiVirus? Antivirus software searches for, detects, andContinue reading “Virus vs Antivirus”

Free WiFi

First goal of Every Hacker:Wifi Hacking!A wifi can’t be hacked easily!It is not a cakewalk!But connecting to a public wifi is much easier!We all are aware about it,But,You can be hacked or any hacker can spy you!How to get safe?Read full article..If you need an article on wifi Hacking comment in the comment box atContinue reading “Free WiFi”

Internet Scams!

What Are Internet Scams? ━━━━━━━━━━━━━Internet scams are different methodologies of Fraud, facilitated by cybercriminals on the Internet. Scams can happen in a myriad of ways- via phishing emails, social media, SMS messages on your mobile phone, fake tech support phone calls, scareware and more. The main purpose of these types of scams can range fromContinue reading “Internet Scams!”

Cyber Safety for Kids

━━━━━━━━━━━━━The online world is becoming every child’s favorite playground. With more children accessing the Internet with different devices, they are learning and growing more each day. When used appropriately the cyber world can be your child’s portal to achieve great things.While every parent wants their child to have access to the latest and best information,Continue reading “Cyber Safety for Kids”

The Dark Web

Note- For Educational purposes only Not Recommended To Use Without Some Safety Measure 😉 An Overview The dark web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets: overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. Through the dark web, private computer networks can communicate and conductContinue reading “The Dark Web”

What is the truth of this viral message

What Is The Viral Message? Click To Know All claims being made in this message are fake. WhatsApp has not announced any such update yet. You already know that one tick after message is sent, two ticks after delivery and two blues after read. Apart from this, all the claims being made in the message are rumoured. Let meContinue reading “What is the truth of this viral message”

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