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What is the truth of this viral message

What Is The Viral Message?

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All claims being made in this message are fake. WhatsApp has not announced any such update yet. You already know that one tick after message is sent, two ticks after delivery and two blues after read. Apart from this, all the claims being made in the message are rumoured. Let me tell you clearly that you will continue to see gray and blue ticks as before. If you have also received this kind of message, delete it and do not spread the rumor by forwarding it to anyone.

WhatsApp Privacy: Red tick will now appear in WhatsApp, government will read messages, know the truth of viral messages

All kinds of false and true messages are viral on social media everyday. Many times the wrong messages about the same on the same platform start going viral. This time something similar has happened with WhatsApp. A message about WhatsApp is being viral on WhatsApp itself. In this message that is going viral on WhatsApp, it is being claimed that Red Tick will also be seen in WhatsApp, which means that the government is in control of your message and it is reading your message. Let’s know about the truth of this message.

Claims being made in viral messages

“New communication rules for WhatsApp and phone calls will come into effect from tomorrow: –

01. All calls will be recorded.
02. All call recordings will be saved.
03. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and all social media will be monitored.
04. Tell those who do not know.
05. Your equipment will be connected to the ministry system.
06. Be careful not to send the wrong message to anyone.
07. Tell your children, brothers, relatives, friends, acquaintances that you should take care of them and rarely run social sites.
08. Do not send any of your posts or videos … to the government or the Prime Minister on politics or the current situation.
09. Presently writing or sending messages on any political or religious issue is a crime … Doing so can lead to arrest without warrant.
10. Police will issue notifications … then cybercrime … then action will be taken, it is very serious.
1 1. Please all of you, group members, administrators, … Please consider this topic.
12. Be careful not to send the wrong message and tell everyone and take care of the subject.
13. Please share it.

Groups should be more aware and cautious
Group members need to know important information about WhatsApp …
Information of Varil on WhatsApp
* 1. 4 = Message sent *
* 2. ✔✔ = Message reached *
* 3. Two blue = Message * Read
* 4. Three blue = * Government took notice on the message
* 5. Two blue and one red ✔✔✔ = Government can take action against you *
* 6. One blue and two red = Government is investigating your information *
* 7. Three red ✔✔✔ = Government has started action against you and you will get court summons soon. *
Become a responsible citizen and share it with your friends. The
important thing is to send it to the next group soon… ”

What is the truth of this viral message

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Will Social Media GAINTS Will Be Banned 🚫!?

So far, there is no confirmation on whether there will be a Facebook ban, Instagram ban or Twitter ban in India. However, sources have revealed the Centre is not happy with the lackadaisical response from these platforms and has warned that failure to comply with the rules would lead to the companies losing their status and protection as Intermediaries. In some cases, it may also render these companies liable for criminal action as per the existing laws of India.

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New IT Rules explained: What Facebook, Twitter, Instagram need to change to avoid ban

With social media platforms failing to comply with new rules, several have questioned whether there can be an Instagram ban, Facebook or Twitter ban in India.

Is It Is Confirm That SOCIAL MEDIA GAINTS will be Banned 🚫. Click here to know

The future of several top social media platforms has come under contention after government sources revealed that the Tech giants owning these platforms had failed to comply with India’s new social media rules rolled out in February. Big names such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have failed to meet certain deadlines under the Centre’s new IT rules. This has led to several questioning whether there can be an Instagram ban, Facebook or Twitter ban in India.

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Facebook-Twitter-Insta Ban In India????

Rumours on Tuesday shook the internet that social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will be banned in India fropm May 26. The Government had on February 25, 2021 gave social media companies three-month time to comply to comprehensive guidelines issued. The deadline to accept the guidelines set by the government was supposed to end on May 25 but so far none of the platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter has complied with the new regulations. This result in a storm on the internet that these platforms will stop working from Wednesday. However, nothing happened. This left netizens go bonkers with hilarious memes and trolls.

Picking up hilarious Bollywood dialogues that justify the situation to coming up with creative GIFs, netizens flooded the internet with memes on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp ban in India. Have a look-

As per the new rules announced by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the social media platforms will have to appoint compliance officers from India. The officer will overlook the complaints, monitor the content and remove it if it is objectionable. Such rules are not only applicable to social media platforms but also to OTT platforms.

Except one Indian social media company, Koo, sources said that none of the top social media intermediaries have appointed a resident grievance officer, a chief compliance officer and a nodal contact person yet.

Fire In Termux

Step 1:

To Turn your termux into a fireplace 🔥🔥 you need to install a libcaca package in your termux app. Just use the below command to install it in your termux.😉

pkg install libcaca

Step 2:

Now You just have to type libcaca in your termux and your termux will show Fire 🔥 Screen saver in your termux app.


Just Copy Them And Paste In Termux And Press Enter!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

pkg install libcaca

Fire In Termux

Fire In Termux
By Aviral Srivastava

Quantum Cryptography

Quantum cryptography definition

Quantum cryptography, also called quantum encryption, applies principles of quantum mechanics to encrypt messages in a way that it is never read by anyone outside of the intended recipient. … A quantum computer could quickly crack current public-key cryptography.

Advantages of Quantum cryptography

The advantage of quantum cryptography lies in the fact that it allows the completion of various cryptographic tasks that are proven or conjectured to be impossible using only classical (i.e. non-quantum) communication. For example, it is impossible to copy data encoded in a quantum state.

Which Technology?

Quantum cryptography is a technology that uses quantum physics to secure the distribution of symmetric encryption keys. A more accurate name for it is quantum key distribution (QKD). It works by sending photons, which are “quantum particles” of light, across an optical link.

How To??

You Can Learn Quantum Cryptography By Clicking Here

Aviral Srivastava


What Are Bots?
Bots, or Internet robots, are also known as spiders, crawlers, and web bots. While they may be utilized to perform repetitive jobs, such as indexing a search engine, they often come in the form of malware. Malware bots are used to gain total control over a computer.

Good Bots Vs Bad Bots
✅The Good
One of the typical “good” bot uses is to gather information. Bots in such guises are called web crawlers. Another “good” use is automatic interaction with instant messaging, instant relay chat, or assorted other web interfaces. Dynamic interaction with websites is yet another way bots are used for positive purposes.

❌The Bad
Malicious bots are defined as self-propagating malware that infects its host and connects back to a central server(s). The server functions as a “command and control center” for a botnet, or a network of compromised computers and similar devices. Malicious bots have the “worm-like ability to self-propagate,” and can also:

🔴Gather passwords
🔴Log keystrokes
🔴Obtain financial information
🔴Relay spam
🔴Capture and analyze packets
🔴Launch DoS attacks
🔴Open back doors on the infected computer
🔴Exploit back doors opened by viruses and worms

Bots are usually used to infect large numbers of computers. These computers form a “botnet,” or a bot network.

Is Your Computer Infected By Bots?
Here are some of the many ways to tell if your computer is infected by bots:

🟠Internet access is slow for no apparent reason.
🟠The computer crashes for no apparent reason.
🟠The fan goes into overdrive when the device is idle.
🟠The computer takes a long time to shut down, or fails to shut down correctly.
🟠Pop-up windows and advertisements appear even when you aren’t using a web browser.
🟠Friends and family receive email messages you did not send.
🟠Computer programs are running slowly.
🟠Settings have changed, and there’s no way to reverse them.
🟠The browser features components you didn’t download.

How Do I Protect My Computer From Bots?
It’s very possible to protect your computer from bots, but it takes diligence and knowing what to look for. Use the following tips to keep your computer safe:

🟣Install firewalls to block malicious attacks and never turn them off.
🟣Use a long and complicated password that contains numbers and symbols.
🟣Never use the same password for multiple programs.
🟣Install quality anti-malware software such as Norton Security to protect your device.
🟣Ensure software is up to date, and never ignore system updates.
🟣Refrain from using flash drives, or thumb drives, in an infected computer.

How To Clean Up Infected Computer??

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