Cyber Security Solutions By Aviral Srivastava

4 Years Of Experience In CS
Web developer, Cybersecurity Activist n Student Of Class 10th

And Above All “King of Avid” Forrester Island!


““I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.””

– Bill Gates


What We Do

Cyber Security Solutions
IT Law Specialist
Web Development
Learn Ethical Hacking

And Much More!

Learn Ethical Hacking In The Lowest Possible price [100 rs] only!

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Fast, Ethical and Reliable

The Aviyanakara’s


Websites At Age Of 15


Virus Invented at age of 15


Malicious Link Detected At Age of 15


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Why You’ll Love Us

We Give A2Z Services Related To Computer Science From Ethical Hacking To Software Development To Simple Computer Operations

  • Fast
  • Ethical
  • Reliable

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Our Best Blogs

  • How to check if your Mobile is Hacked!
    By monitoring the IPs which your mobile phone is connected to, you know if your mobile is hacked or not ▶ you can use an application below to check all IPs connected to your mobile : ➖ Network Monitor Mini➖Continue reading “How to check if your Mobile is Hacked!”
  • Kingdom of Avid
    Aviral Srivastava Declare Forrester Island Antarctica Which Is Not Owned By Any country even after Antarctica Treaty 1 Dec, 1959 It Is Independent From Any Other owner or administration. 74°11’10.9’S 132°25’48.5″WAs Our Own Kingdom And The Name Is Kingdom ofContinue reading “Kingdom of Avid”
  • Certificates
    Only Knowledge Isn’t Enough, Certification Plays A Key Roll In Success. Thanking To All My Well Wishers Who Encouraged Me To Do So, All of U…..I Can’t Achieve This Without Your Support 🙏🏻

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