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Social Trap!

This image is beautiful!

Isn’t it?

Live in the moment, not in the cloud!


Ya, it’s very true that we are in a trap of Web!

A web which is created with some protocols!

Here, web isn’t WWWeb, it’s web of some traps created by entrepreneurs, who are very successful!

They trap us by showing the importance of trap, and even when we are in trap, they continue to tell us that ” this trap is a place where everyone is trapped, so anyone can meet anyone else here!

Those traps are, SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

Finally, can you tell me need of personalized content on Facebook? Or any other Social Media…they are just to make data with use of our activities,

When you use Social Media, you are making data, which they can sell, use and make billions!

But at the end, what did you got?

Personalized advertisement!

Which just manipulate you, force to buy their products!

This means, you wasted your time, then your money followed your time!

But you will say, “I like it, I want it, what’s your problem Aviral?”

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