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Learn Programming At Your Own!

It’s my guarantee!!!!!!

Can you really learn how to develop apps and websites?

Many would say NO! It’s not a cakewalk….

But let me know you that it’s really a cakewalk!!!! If you try to learn it without any coach…..

Ya, I m not joking….. It’s comparative hard to learn under a coach online, than learning online at your own, just needed your consistency, dedication and know what to learn exactly.

I don’t know whether you are dedicated and will follow it constantly, but I can tell what to learn exactly…..

So, Let’start

How to start?

The first question arise before starting something that how to start?

So, just take your PC (I will try to write a separate blog for android users) and open browser, now search “what is coding” go to any website whose title seems to be relevant and exact…… Now you have idea about coding, now search “streams in programing” choose one which you think you want….

Now search about that particular, gather information about it from different sites, try to get all about it, just by searching it on Google, see what are popular searches about it in Google…… Really, you need dedication here, without that you can’t do it!

See what are required skills and language for that…..


How to learn?

Prerequisites: to continue reading, first complete all the tasks written above.

I hope you completed all tasks above, Now I can confidently say that You have started, you know what you are going to learn, but now, how to learn?

So, just simply search it on Google, how to learn app development (for example)

Just choose any website relevant to search…

Read thoroughly, understand what it’s saying, make a path map in your mind….to learn it….

Now, download required softwares….

See the syntax of programming language, copy paste codes from different sites and see their output, try to understand significance of every particular line of code….. Search about that language and codes, see what are the codes are used in that……

Start whatever you can program and keep practicing!

What Next????

Prerequisites: to continue reading, first complete all the tasks written above.

Now, You Don’t need my guidance any more, you are now diving into the endless sea of Computer Science, you are now on your hands, your mind is now able to guide you, what to do next….. Just keep reading news related to your field, subscribe any magazine related…..and…. You can contact me if you have any problem in all the process….

Was it cakewalk?????

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