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Increase battery life of your devices

  • These are some most basic and frequent point…just sufficient
  • Charge the battery to approximately 80% of capacity, and use till 20%
  • Before removing battery, switch off the device.
  • Try to avoid removing untill it’s very necessary.(recommend only for frequently used devices like laptop, table, Phone etc)
  • If it becomes extremely hot, switch it off immediately until it becomes normal.
  • If temperature is frequent issue in your device, if it’s still hot, then it is a issue related to cyber security…..and if it get normal after restarting, and get hot again and it’s frequent for your device, see a professional…..

And that’s all!!!!

If your phone don’t get cooler after switching it off, you can contact me, as your device may be hacked!
Aviral Srivastava

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