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Pride of India- Neta ji

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

The person, who gathered an army being a normal person, and defeated the most powerful of that time ‘British Empire’. He was the only who breaked the borders of British India and freed many parts and established “Azad Hind Government”.

He was about to reach the capital, but unfortunately, American army bombed Netaji’s supporter, japan with atomic weapons, and Japan surrendered. Netaji still continued to get deep inside British Indian territory, but on 18 August 1945 he gone missing, it is believed that his plane was crashed and his army was unable to continue without their commander, and the war ended.

And today, on his jubilee 23 January 2022, government of India is going to sculpt his holographic sculpture near India gate, it is a temporary sculpture, until his 28 feet tall granite sculpture will be ready.

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